Jamaica Scenes 1950s

Tinning recounts his maternal grandmother’s (Nanny) story from colonial Jamaica: “One night, before she met my Grandfather she dreamt of a tall man, with a crooked nose, dressed in a scarlet coat. They were at a ball and, after dancing, they went out on the piazza where he proposed to her. The dream was so vivid that she remembered it well. A few nights later she was at a party. She had brought her music and was singing “Kathleen Mavourneen” when the guests of honor arrived. At the song’s end she turned around and there was the man of her dreams, crooked nose and all! She felt rather faint…” She was revived with smelling salts from a Victorian cut glass bottle  which she retained and which Tinning inherited and treasured throughout his life.  He also visited  Jamaica three times during the 1950s – as evident from the paintings below.

“Nanny’s” Smelling Salts Bottle from Jamaica

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