Italian “Fascist” War Memorial

In October 1944 Tinning sketched a  “Fascist Statue” in Santarcangelo di Romagna. In fact, he sketched the Monumento ai Caduti (War Memorial) in the Piazza Ganganelli (modern photo at right) . Created and cast in bronze by Italian sculptor Bernardino Boifava between 1925 and 1928 this memorial depicts a dead soldier lying on a shield carried by two grieving women. Designed as a tribute to Italian soldiers who died fighting (with the Allies) in World War I this statue had become in World War II a symbol of Mussolini’s regime.

San Arcangelo, 1st Canadian Division 18 Oct 44; watercolour, pencil on grey paper; 37.8×27.6 cm; LAC 1990-143-80

Fascist Statue, 18 Oct 44; watercolour, pencil on grey paper; 27.8×37.9 cm; LAC #1990-143-73

From Tinning’s diary: “31 Oct 44 The monument caused some consternation among other artists. I had only looked at it as a good subject (draped in the Italian flag).”

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