Chain Rock, St. John’s 1943-2017

Chain Rock is on the Battery (city) side of the narrow entrance to St. John’s Harbour opposite Pancake Rock 174 metres away. As early as 1770 a defensive chain was stretched between both rocks at nightfall to prevent entry of enemy ships. In World War I the chain was replaced with anti-submarine nets. In World War II each side (designated as Fort Chain Rock and Fort Amherst) had camouflaged anti-naval and anti-aircraft defences. From Tinning’s Diary: “Wed 25 Aug 43 In morning did work cleaning up stuff til 10:30 – reports etc. – car then for Chain Rock. Did a w-c of one of the 75 mm guns and gunners. [CWM #19710261-5575] No good. Lunch at Chain Rock.

75 mm Gun, St. John’s Newfoundland 1943; watercolour on paper; 38.5×50.7 cm; CWM 19710261-5575; Photo Dec. 2017 by Tinning’s grand-nephew.

From Tinning’s Diary: “Mon 30 Aug 43 Shot rifle out on rocks with Ron and Sergeant Major Lasson – hell of a cold I have. Lunch. In afternoon did some work on the “Pay Parade” picture. Did a sketch of Machine Gun position point No. 2 gun – and other sketches.” [One of these sketches is seen below as CWM# 19710261-5623.]

Fort Chain Rock 1943; sketch drawing; coloured pencil on paper; 25.2×32.8 cm; CWM 19710261-5623; Photo from December 2017

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